JUMBO 3 inch Nickel - Trick

JUMBO 3 inch Nickel - Trick

For the longest time the only card to wallet I had was the B*K*M Wallet, and it never would work when I was dressed more casual and performing. Then I found out about this bad boy, and I couldn't be happier with such an amazing card to wallet that can be used as my everyday wallet. It allows me to carry just the right amount of items I need in my wallet, and I have been using my drivers license to slide signed cards into the load chamber. It even has two key holders that I use to carry my spare house key and another slot I use to store my spare key for my magic drawer.

The material is very smooth and the whole wallet just screams "I'm a normal looking wallet, but with a little magic secret!".

You also receive an instruction manual of sorts that goes into great detail on how Steve Draun performs the signed card in wallet routine, which by the way, is very descriptive instructions that also has pictures that are clear enough to understand exactly how to perform the effect. To be more precise, it goes over an entire routine that utilizes the wallet for much more than just a signed card to wallet effect.

So if anyone has been having doubts on whether or not to purchase the Real Man’s Wallet by Steve Draun, the only thing I can say is, for such a great versatile wallet that can serve as your every day wallet, and also perform an amazing effect, and for such a reasonable price, you’d be kicking yourself in no time if you passed this up and missed out on own a fine piece of magic with the ability to use it for more than just the effect....
Date Added: 06/13/2010 by Steve Hendry

Bill In Lemon (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

Bill In Lemon (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

Title and Creator: Gum by Jeff Prace


A Pack of gum with only one piece left instantly turns into a full pack. You can then immediately hand out a piece of gum to a hungry spectator.

The first gum effect that kick starts this amazing Gum effect DVD is very impressive and has not ONCE failed to drop jaws in astonishment. What I like to do with his particular gum effect is perform it in one of two ways instead of making it a stand alone effect. After performing the magic effects in my routine I usually stop and take a break from my card performance. I will then proceed to take out a piece of gum nonchalantly as if I am taking a break. Next I usually say, “Oh, please forgive my manners would you like a piece of gum?” 9 times out 10 they will always say “yes please” or just a “yes” if THEY in fact are the ones with no manners (ha!) and proceed by performing Orbit. Another great way that I have had performing this effect is usually around friends and family. After throwing away the piece of gum I was chewing I will look at the Orbit pack of gum I have and make a comment about having one piece left. Not wanting to go to the store and buy a new pack, I will perform the Orbit effect and everyone that was watching me after making that statement drop their jaws and their eyes open wide as plate saucers.
This is truly an amazing piece of magic.

A chewed piece of gum stretched between the magician’s hands magically wraps itself into a brand new piece! Both hands are shown empty and the gum can immediately be given as a sweet souvenir.

Now this is by far my favorite effect on the DVD to perform because I have used this as a way to start my magic performance before I actually start my actual performance. I’ll start by introducing myself and right before I get read to perform I say, “Oh, please excuse my manners of chewing gum while talking, please hang on a moment.” Now what would normally happen is you would throw the piece away. But since we’re talking about Re-Wrapped I astound the spectator’s by turning the chewed piece into a new piece of gum that I will save for later. Whenever I do this, I perform it in a way that it is almost second nature to me, that turning the piece of chewed gum into a new piece of gum is just natural for me. And it is for THIS reason why I love this particular effect so much because of how easy it is, and the fact that the spectator’s are left wondering, “Did he just do what I think he did?” Yes, I did, I used magic to turn what was used into something new!

Another handling of the chewed gum to a wrapped piece of gum effect, this handling is on steroids!

The same great effect as Insta-Wrap instead this time I usually hand out the piece of gum to a spectator and ask them to hold onto it for me. After that I will continue with my performance and purposely leave the piece of gum with them, so they can wonder and ponder just how in the heck that happened, and if it’s real or not!

Back in Time:
The magician presents a time travel experiment, and in doing so wraps a chewed piece of gum and alters a photo!

I must confess this is the one trick that I have not found to fit my personal style of performing magic. It really is a great effect and I have mainly used it when I am performing my Mentalism act which I am still honing since I am still practicing this genre of magic. Here is what the spectator’s will see when you perform Back in Time.
While chewing a piece of gum before your performance, you make a comment about it being rude to chew a piece of gum while talking and look for something to dispose of the gum. You reach into your pocket and pull out a film canister. From here it is up to you to create the patter as to why you have a picture of yourself blowing a bubble in a photograph. After talking out the film canister you then proceed to reach into your back pocket and pull out a wallet. Upon opening the wallet you show the audience a picture of yourself blowing a huge bubble with a piece of gum. The patter can (and will) change from person to person, so I will try to keep this short by explaining what the effect entails, though if you would like to know my patter, feel free to contact me.
You begin by asking the spectators about traveling through time and which they would prefer, traveling into the future or into the past? I then would say, “Let’s try an experiment with traveling back in time”. Once I have shown them the picture of me blowing a bubble with gum, I replace the picture into the wallet and set it aside. From here I take the piece of chewed gum and place it inside the film canister, and show the audience that they can still see the piece of gum inside the canister. Next I would say, “Okay let’s try our experiment of traveling back in time”. While I am saying this I shake the film canister back and forth, and to their surprise they now see what looks like a new piece of gum where there was once the chewe...
Date Added: 06/11/2010 by Steve Hendry