JUMBO 3 inch Nickel - Trick


For the longest time the only card to wallet I had was the B*K*M Wallet, and it never would work when I was dressed more casual and performing. Then I found out about this bad boy, and I couldn't be happier with such an amazing card to wallet that can be used as my everyday wallet. It allows me to carry just the right amount of items I need in my wallet, and I have been using my drivers license to slide signed cards into the load chamber. It even has two key holders that I use to carry my spare house key and another slot I use to store my spare key for my magic drawer.

The material is very smooth and the whole wallet just screams "I'm a normal looking wallet, but with a little magic secret!".

You also receive an instruction manual of sorts that goes into great detail on how Steve Draun performs the signed card in wallet routine, which by the way, is very descriptive instructions that also has pictures that are clear enough to understand exactly how to perform the effect. To be more precise, it goes over an entire routine that utilizes the wallet for much more than just a signed card to wallet effect.

So if anyone has been having doubts on whether or not to purchase the Real Man’s Wallet by Steve Draun, the only thing I can say is, for such a great versatile wallet that can serve as your every day wallet, and also perform an amazing effect, and for such a reasonable price, you’d be kicking yourself in no time if you passed this up and missed out on own a fine piece of magic with the ability to use it for more than just the effect.
Date Added: 06/13/2010 by Steve Hendry